High-Velocity Oxyfuel Spray (HVOF) 

HVOF Coating Process Overview The principle for HVOF is that high-volume combustible gases are fed into a combustion chamber. The combustion takes place internally at very high chamber pressures. It is then fed into a long confining nozzle or barrel through which the combusting gases exit the device generating a supersonic gas jet with very […]

Powder Flame Spray 

Powder Flame Spray Home Powder Flame Spray Powder Flame Spray Process Overview Powder Flame Spray Process Overview The powder flame spray process is similar to the combustion wire spray process with the difference that powder, not a wire, is injected into the flame. In this process, powdered feedstock materials are melted or semi-melted into the […]

Combustion Wire Flame Spray

Combustion Wire Flame Spray Home Combustion Wire Flame Spray. In Combustion Wire Flame spraying, the feedstock material in the wire form is melted in the flame and atomised using compressed air to form fine spray. Flame spray uses the chemical energy of combusting fuel gases to generate heat. A stream of air then atomizes the […]

Thermal Spray

Thermal Spray Home Thermal Spray What is Thermal Spray ? Thermal Spray is a group of coating processes in which metallic, ceramic, cermet, and some polymeric materials in the form of wire, powder, or rod are fed to a gun which results in heating to near or somewhat above their melting point. The resulting molten […]

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