HVOF 2800 Gun

HVOF 2800 Gun Metal Coat HVOF 2800 gun has been developed to produce high integrity coatings of metals, alloys, superalloys and carbides. Coatings sprayed with our HVOF gun exhibit high density, low oxide content, superior microhardness and high adhesion with excellent machinability. Our gun can be supplied with a water-cooled front section, which allow the […]

Electric Wire Arc Spray

Electric Wire Arc Spray The arc spraying process sometimes also called twin wire arc spray involves the melting of two wires (the coating material) as the coating feedstock in an arc. The two wires are electrically charged with opposing polarity and are fed into the arc gun at matched, controlled speeds. When we bring the […]

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine Shot blasting is a technological process of removing various impurities from different surfaces by using abrasive. It is used for a surface protection and also prior-preparation of surfaces prior to further processing, such as painting, coating etc. It is used in different industries, such as: automotive industry, metal-manufacturing industry, foundry, aviation industry, […]

Powder Feeder System

Powder Feeder The feeder operates on a constant volumetric feed principle. At the bottom of the pressurized canister, there is a powder carrier disk having a slotted wheel mounted off center with respect to the canister. A given volume of powder fits into each slot and as the disk rotates past the exit port the […]

Powder Flame Spray System

Combustion Powder Flame Spray The Powder Flame Spray process is also known as the Combustion Powder Flame Spray process is a similar technique as a wire flame spray process. Here the feedstock is in the form of powder in place of the wire. This widens the range of material that can be sprayed, resulting in […]

Wire Flame Spray

Wire Flame Spray The Combustion Wire Thermal Spray Process is the spraying of molten metal onto a surface to provide a coating. Material in wire form is melted in a flame (oxy-acetylene flame most common) and atomised using compressed air to form a fine spray. When the spray contacts the prepared surface of a substrate […]

Dry Spray Booth For LPG Cylinder

DRY SPRAY BOOTH FOR LPG CYLINDER Purpose For Zinc Metallizing of external surface of LPG Cylinders size- Minimum diameter 305mm x 620mm length & maximum diameter 350mm x 730mm length Production Output 700 to 800 nos. per shift cylinder diameter 305mm x 620mm length with Arc Spray Gun Brief Working The Cylinder is placed manually […]

Online Zinc Spray Coating System

Online Zinc Spray System G. I. Tubes and pipes produced from Tube Mills generally lack corrosion resistance property at weld portion, throughout the entire seam length (due to removal of galvanized layer while welding the seam) resulting in poor corrosion resistance and subsequent rusting. Metal coat has analysed the problem and developed chemically non-hazardous thermal […]

Spray & Fuse Gun

Spray and Fuse Gun MST- 100 is an Oxy-acetylene gas gun which deposits special alloy powder on the ferrous surface to rebuild worn part or to protect part against corrosion & abrasion. Deposited alloy material is metallurgically fused with the substrate, hence coating is firmly bonded with the base. The design of the gun is […]

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