HVOF 2800 Gun

Metal Coat HVOF 2800 gun has been developed to produce high integrity coatings of metals, alloys, superalloys and carbides. Coatings sprayed with our HVOF gun exhibit high density, low oxide content, superior microhardness and high adhesion with excellent machinability.

Our gun can be supplied with a water-cooled front section, which allow the gun to produce higher particle velocities, maximizing coating substrate and interparticle bonding. In general, water-cooled gun also have higher coating densities, higher hardness and lower oxide content. 

The standard, water-cooled guns consume minimal quantities of water, with only potable (drinking water) quality required at line pressures as low as 2.76 bar (40 psi). Material spray rates, depending on gun configuration and material applied, can be as high as 150 g/min (20 lb/h), thus reducing spray times.

Machine-mount gun configurations are available for use with automated HVOF thermal spray systems as well as handheld models, which may be used with manual systems.

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Features and Benefits

Type Value
Coating Wire Size 0.813 to 4.76mm (20 Gauge to 3/16 inch)
Weight (approx. without hose and cables) 10.8 Kg
Fuel Gas Oxygen Acetylene, Hydrogen, Propane, MPS, MAPP, or Natural Gas (Methane)
Compressed Air (Dry & Oil Free) 0.6 m³/min at 3.4 to 4.5 bar (20 ft³/min at 50 to 65 psi)
Available Extensions 6 inch, 1 Feet long


Gas Flow (LPM) Operating Pressure
Oxygen 250-350 10 Kg/cm²
LPG/Propane 60-80 7.0 Kg/cm²
Air 600-700 7.0 Kg/cm²
Powder Spray Rate Deposit Efficiency
WC-12Co 38 gm/min (5.01 lb/hour) 70%
WC-17Co 38 gm/min (5.01 lb/hour) 60%
WC-10Co-4Cr 38 gm/min (5.01 lb/hour) 70%
Cr C -NiCr 25 gm/min (3.30 lb/hour) 58%



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