Combustion Powder Flame Spray

The Powder Flame Spray process is also known as the Combustion Powder Flame Spray process is a similar technique as a wire flame spray process. Here the feedstock is in the form of powder in place of the wire. This widens the range of material that can be sprayed, resulting in providing a larger choice of coatings. Few of the alloys that are difficult to be produced in wire form can be used in the powdered form using powder flame spray technology.

This process sprays the molten material on the surface to provide the required coatings. Material is fed in the powder form to form a fine spray. When the spray contacts the substrate, the fine molten droplets rapidly solidify, forming a coating. The main advantage of the powder flame spray process is that a much wide range of materials can be processed into powder form, giving a more choice of coatings. The powder flame spray process is only limited by the materials having higher melting temperatures than the flame can provide or if the material decomposes on heating. To read more about powder flame spray, please visit our powder flame spray technology page.

Metal Coat – Powder Flame Spray Equipment Manufacturer

Metal Coat is committed to providing our customers with the best possible thermal spray systems. Our powder flame spray systems have been used by our customers worldwide. With over 30+ years of experience in developing thermal spray equipment and coating systems, we are continuously improving and upgrading our powder flame spray systems to improve their operational efficiencies and reduce – operational and maintenance costs. Contact Metal Coat for more information on our powder flame spray equipment. You can also see our product brochures given along with the products. In case you have any doubt regarding our product, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you with your query.

About our Powder Flame Spray Equipment

Our powder flame spray equipment is widely being used for maintenance and restoration purposes. Powder flame spraying is a cost-effective technique to improve the surface properties of a component. Our combustion powder flame spray guns provide you the ability to quickly and easily coat the parts, thereby improving the productivity and lifetime of the component. We have two different powder flame spray equipment models namely – 5PM-II Powder Flame Spray and 6PM-II Powder Flame Spray. 5PM-II Powder Flame Spray System are used for occasional and entry-level thermals spray usage, whereas 6PM-II Powder Flame Spray System are recommended for consistent coating results in demanding high-volume production environments. Please see below both our powder flame spray systems.

About our 5PM-II Powder Flame Spray Gun

About our 6PM-II Powder Flame Spray Gun